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Holly Trees Primary School

Vaughan Williams Way, Brentwood, CM14 5RY, 01277 212296

School Council

What is the School Council?

The School Council is an elected group of children who meet regularly and work together to represent the pupils of Holly Trees. The school council meets at least once a month to discuss current issues and receive updates on eco club projects which they can help with. Each meeting is attended by the link tutor but is ran entirely by the year 6 representatives. Each member has a very different role to play; the chairperson runs meetings, sets the agenda, and keeps order. The vice chairperson supports them in this role and stands in during any absence. The secretary ensures the agenda is followed, makes notes of pupils present and takes the minutes of each meeting. The treasurer is responsible for the school council budget and makes sure school council property such as badges are kept in a safe place.


The school council has worked hard to support eco club in receiving the green flag award for Holly Trees. This involved organizing a paper free day for the whole school which was a great success. We will be doing the same this year and are currently in negotiations regarding dates.


The school council also helps to organize events during fair trade fortnight. This is something quite unique as we are the only fair-trade school in Brentwood and have been involved in many exciting projects including a visit of a fair-trade tea farmer from Kenya which even made the Brentwood Gazette!


We also have close links with the governors; last year we had a meeting with them to discuss future projects which was a great success and are planning similar meetings for this year.


Who can be a member of the School Council?

At the start of each academic year (in September) each class will nominate two children – normally a boy and a girl – to become their class councillors. Every class from Year One up to Year Six votes for the children that they think will be able to represent their class best at School Council meetings.


How long can you be a School Councillor for?

School Councillors are elected to represent their classes for one year.


How many School Councillors are there?

School Council has 24 members from Years 1 to 6.